About Us

The Impatient Snail was started in 2011 by Jessica Arrowsmith and Nick Robbins, a little bit by accident. We both take pride in making most of our stuff and are happy to share information about that process with anyone we meet, however, we soon realized that most people don't have a lifestyle that affords them the time to make certain necessities like soap and salve. So The Impatient Snail was born and we have since been making anything that catches our fancy, with a few staples that stick around. Our soap, salve, lip balm, sunscreen, bug dope, and air fresheners will be available as long as the ingredients are available and we have the ability to make them. Other things like our handmade art, painted jars and wine glasses, music, handmade clothing, jewellry and whatever else strikes our fancy will be available on a one of a kind basis and may never show up on online, so please come visit us at one of our markets if you can! Follow us on Facebook to see where we'll be next!

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